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Travel views from the fun side of 50

  • Travel Like a Pro

    If anyone knows how to pack for a trip that begins as business and segues into leisure, it is a member of a flight crew. Travelpro – a company founded by an airline pilot – knows this and has designed many bags that are stylish yet sturdy, and perfect for professionals presiding over a board meeting or presenting at a conference and then downshifting to a weekend of leisurely pursuits.

  • Travel Experience Like No Other: New River Gorge, W Virginia

    Riding on the platform of a vintage private railroad car is like no other travel experience. As Eleanor Robson Belmont said, “A private railcar is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately.

  • The Scoop on Gelato - Part 2

    “It’s so sublime, it’s a wonder it’s not illegal.”



    Why it’s NOT ice cream & what you want to look for…

    Since it’s made with milk and not cream, there is less butterfat (4-8% vs/ 14% for ice cream) which is why it’s so creamy-melt-in-your-mouth deliziòso!

    Although it is prohibited by E.U. regulations to increase the volume with added water or “fluffing with air” (aka “overrun), you will see fluffy mounds of brightly colored gelato often topped with an identifying fruit or ingredient (ex; strawberries on strawberry gelato, etc.).

    Warning: Gelato that is too fluffy and/or too colorful may have eye appeal but it’s not your best choice.

  • Dead Sea Comes to NYC

    Israeli Artist Yosef “Jojo” Ohayon has opened his first gallery in the United States, at 456 W. Broadway in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. This gallery is Jojo’s second location, in addition to the Jojo Gallery, which has been welcoming art enthusiasts for ten years in Tel Aviv.

  • Oprah Cruise to Alaska - Part 1

    In spite of the glaciers and icefields, the deliciously crisp 52-degree air in the midst of July and the super chill atmosphere aboard Holland America’s ms Eurodam, the O, The Oprah Magazine Adventure of Your Life July launch cruise to Alaska – with a special two-day appearance by the Divine Miss O herself – was the warmest (and fuzziest) cruise ever.

  • Cheetahs

    One of the most interesting large cats is the cheetah, the Ferrari of the animal world, capable of attaining bursts of 75 mph.  There are about 8000 cheetahs in the world, 3500 in Namibia, the site of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) reserve headed by leading cheetah conservationist Dr. Laurie Marker.  The approximately 100,000 acre reserve abuts the Waterberg Nature Conservancy and is home to 37 cheetahs.  About 20 of these cats are within a protected area because of previous habituation to humans.  CCF has recently expanded its accommodations and now offers a great opportunity to see these breathtaking animals up close.

  • Hotel Elysee: I Love New York!

    I do love New York and want to visit every chance I get - there is so much to see and do on every trip. I had the chance to live there for a while, and I have to say, it's definitely easier to visit! Of course, finding the right and best place to stay is always a challenge. I know you have heard that room sizes are usually small and quite expensive and generally, that's true, unless you want to splurge for a junior suite or higher which only adds to the expense. However, I am always on the hunt for the best spaces for Baby Boomers and this time I think I hit the jackpot!

  • Romance of the Rails

    Sometimes a travel experience is not merely a destination but the journey itself. So it is with a trip on a private railroad car.

  • The Scoop on Gelato - Part 1

    “Italy, cradle of all Arts, certainly can be known as cradle of the art of making gelato, as well.”

    - Auguste Escoffier, Chef

  • Going Carless, or Almost Carless Can Free Up Your Vacation

    I drive around doing errands a lot these days.  Although I love my car, I long to get away from it while I vacation with my family.  Fact is that I have sight limitations which makes driving in unfamiliar areas more challenging.  That, combined with whining teenagers, and high parking fees has me looking for Car Free vacations.  Beyond Orlando, New York, Las Vegas and beach options I found to gems I recommend to people.

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