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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • The Tuscan & Umbrian Countryside

    Take the road less traveled through central Italy and explore the smaller, more authentic towns in Tuscany and Umbria.

  • The French Riviera

    THE FRENCH RIVIERA - the bluest blue water, the clearest bluest sky, yellow perfection of the sun, and indolent days spent on a beach, a boat, or partying all night.  That's what most people think of the French Riviera, the Cote d'Azure, and of St.Tropez in particular.

  • Talbott Hotel: Chicago

    My kind of town – Chicago! And my kind of hotel – the Talbott! I don't know about you, but I love big cities, however, when I go to my room, I want to take the “big” out of the city and feel more cozy. The beauty of staying at this property is that the location is close to the Magnificent Mile, nightlife and museums, but it sits a few blocks away on a quiet tree lined street which gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Angouleme: Balcony of the Southwest, Part Two

    Angouleme and the towns and countryside around it along the Charente River provide much to do and see. My approach has always been to investigate things in depth rather than trying to see every site available. Also meeting and talking to the locals gives a better feel for the locale. Once again quality is better than quantity.

  • Kantin: Istanbul, Turkey

    Semsa Denizsel, the chef, owner took one of the very first farm-to-table approaches in Istanbul. She knew in her late teens she wanted to be a chef. Her background started when she studied at London School of Printing. She worked with magazines as a food stylist Semsa ran another restaurant before her dream came to life when she opened Kantin in Jan. 2,000. Semsa has had so much fun with her success. She has her own radio show and does a lot of consulting on the side.

  • Susie Sweet Witch’s Halloween Advice

    As you can see from her latest photos, Susie is all set to go for Halloween. She has been taking test flights on her broomstick with her little black cat familiar, and although she is looking forward to celebrating Halloween wanted to share some advice with her friends – after all she is a good witch.

  • Belfast, Ireland – “Land of Enchantment”

    When we try to share our heritage with our grandchildren, many us can trace our roots to the enchanting land of Ireland.  Who doesn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or wear green!  I would encourage you to just plan a three week trip to Ireland, to truly engage this beautiful land, and meet these most friendly people.  40% of the population is under the age of 25!

  • Inspiring Iceland

    Discover a land and culture forged by fire and ice.

  • Checklist for Choosing a Veterinarian

    Debbie Murray is a dog enthusiast from LaGrange, KY. She currently has five dogs - all Miniature Australian Shepherds who share a house with her and her husband Paul. Debbie also breeds her pets on occasion to share this marvelous breed with other dog enthusiasts. Susie is excited because she hopes to be getting another mini Aussie to keep her company from Debbie's  next litter. Debbie has been kind enough to share this article on choosing a veterinarian with the Boomer Travel Patrol.

    For more detailed information on Debbie and her dogs you can visit her web site Alangus Mini & Toy Aussies as well as her blog. This article is one recently featured on her blog and offers excellent advice on selecting a veterinarian.

  • Luxury Patrol:Nice, France

    NICE is the arrival and departure point for the South of France, but that's what you should consider it to be and not a real stopping off point.  Nice is France's third largest City, is industrial by work, and a new City which grew up around an old City.   And, that's the nicest part of NICE, the old port area.

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