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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Explore South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana

    Epic scenery, winding coastlines, remarkable cultural diversity and abundant wildlife come together in an incredible experience.

  • Who do you Trust with your Pet?

    If you are unable to take your pet or pets with you on a trip or vacation, who can you trust with your best friend? Although you may take your pet with you on trips, there will be times when this is not an option – or at least a good option.  One good example is international travel, where taking your pet may put it at undo risk aboard an airplane in the luggage compartment. Even though many airlines arrange for a heated and oxygenated area for traveling pets, there are other issues that might make this a poor idea especially on long flights.

  • Luxury Patrol: Mykonos, Greece

    MYKONOS – is just possibly THE most famous of all the Greek Islands. And a well-deserved honor - as well as being Party Central for the country...

    One of the famed Cyclades Islands, Mykonos's fame and notoriety goes back hundreds of years. A war ground between so many differing factions, Mykonos reflects the grandeur of its history, as well as the excitement and modernity of being one of Europe's top tourist island destinations.

  • Hotel Blue: Lewes, Delaware

    What do you know about Delaware? Here are three facts for you:
    # 1 - Delaware was the first State to ratify the Constitution.
    # 2 – It is the second smallest State.
    # 3 – The city of Lewes, Delaware was founded in 1631 and is home to the really cool Hotel Blue!

  • Growing up Minnesotan or What Grandpa Said

    My Grandpa Cliff used to tease my Grandma with one particular phrase and this one a real gem from Minnesota farm country, that he enjoyed sharing with folks when he was mildly amused by something my Grandma had done or said and he was trying to tease her. He would say, “I suppose, she’s just a Few Clowns short of a Circus”.

  • Jenis: Columbus, Ohio

    Let all of us Boomers stand up and scream ICE CREAM! There are not too many people who do not like outrageous ice cream. As I was growing up, making homemade ice cream with my family was a regular event. My mom would make the vanilla base and then she would have fresh berries or other fun toppings to place on top. My father would be putting the salt around the edge of the ice cream maker and then all of his little grandchildren would come and help him spin it- such precious memories.

  • Rediscover Cuba: A Cultural Exploration

    Visit Cuba and connect with the island’s people as you explore this country’s rich art, history and culture!

  • Calling All Beatle Fans

    This is a special year for anything Beatle. Hundreds of events all over the world are heralding the 50th Anniversary of their arrival in the U.S. and their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. If you need to celebrate your inner Beatle, Abbey Road on the River in Louisville, Kentucky is a must do for any fan. The 250 concerts from over 50 bands on 7 stages over 5 days will remind you and inspire you to remember all you need is love.

  • Post 3: Crazy Lady with Cats Ears

    “One” should, (and by “One”, I mean John Fluke - as in John Fluke should… Strike that… I mean John Fluke REALLY should) have learned by now to be careful what “One” wishes for; especially, when said Authors’ latest book in her Cozy Mystery series (from the beloved Hannah Swensen Mysteries series,) entitled “BlackBerry Pie Murder”, has just hit #7 on the New York Times Best-Seller list - with a bullet- and she gets it in her head to go on a 21 city North American tour, dragging “One” with her!

  • Cruise Through the Panama Canal

    There’s nothing like a near-death experience to make you reconsider your life. That’s what happened to us in July 2012.

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