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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Maritimes Coastal Wonders

    Explore Canada’s Maritimes region – an area of rugged and pristine beauty.

  • Cruise with your Pet? : The Options are Limited

    As pet-friendly travel becomes more and more common we can expect the trend to even move to the cruise lines.  A 2005 court ruling requires all cruise lines to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act which opens the door to allow trained service pets to accompany their disabled owners on cruises. This is a start towards more open acceptance of pets on cruises.

  • Le Moulin du Roc: Dordogne, France

    Raise your hand if you love, wine, great food and truffles. Well, then this is the place for you. Le Moulin du Roc is a unique property overlooking the Dronne River in the Perigord region of southwest France. It is just northwest of Bordeaux between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees – go ahead and look it up on Google maps – we have a link to the maps at the bottom of the homepage. This area is well known for its truffles – in fact, there is even a Truffle Museum, so you really must check it out.

  • Cruising the Panama Canal: After the Book Promo

    It’s been said that the number one leisure activity for the baby boom generation is travel, and, being a boomer, I can attest to the allure that travel holds.  Journeying is invigorating, fun, relaxing, and romantic and it can bring history alive in a way nothing else does.

  • Pastries and Bakeries: Vietnam, Manhattan, Sacramento, Denver

    A selection of great pastries and bakeries to delight the palate.

  • Beijing by Motorcycle Side-car

    Yves du Parc, Vice President and General Manager of Beijing Sideways, sized my helmet and adjusted my lap belt in the side car of his “Chang Jiang,” literally "The long River" motor bike. He then took my photo, hopped onto his seat, turned the ignition key, and we were off. Although I had traveled through Beijing many times in the back seat of a taxi, this was a new experience, in-fact my first ever motorcycle experience!

  • The Doors of Florence

    Our first trip to Italy was transformational. Art, history, adventure, and trauma (lost luggage) combined to leave a lasting impression and a strong desire to return.

    While in Florence, we stayed at the Hotel De Lansi. It provided a comfortable home base with easy walking to many of the pictures we had seen in our art history books while in college. Carolynn was a walking encyclopedia of insight and information about the Renaissance and it cast of characters. One of our favorite walks was looking for the weird and unusual doors of Florence.

  • Le Boat: Scotland

    Generally, I write about hotels that stand still, however, this time, you get to take your hotel with you! If you can drive a car, you can captain a boat on a canal. After a short demonstration and briefing, you get the keys to your own floating Villa. You don’t ever have to worry about getting seasick, because these boats are so stable, you won’t spill your morning coffee.

  • Texas Two Step


    Austin, Texas-    What can you say about a town that has a Nightclub sign stating: “3 Floors, 2 Patios, Fireplace, COME DRINK”, and another on a deserted parking lot wall proclaiming, “Music saved my Black-Hearted Soul”? The latter was adorned with a graphic of Joan Jett – she of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts fame (the maiden faire who starred in oh-so-many of my adolescent, late-night fantasies).

  • B Smith: New York, New York

    I was lucky to meet this powerhouse in my studio in Soho in the mid 90's. I have been to her restaurants and love her southern food cuisine. I have a piece of her Home Collection in my kitchen that I use all the time. So, I would say I am a big fan of her empire and talent. B's husband, Dan Gasby is very involved in B's empire and has an amazing resume. They work together on shows, magazines and newsletters, radio, Home Collection and Restaurants, just to name a few of their projects.

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