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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Shopping in Venice

    Venice is the most magical, mysterious city I've ever visited. It has to be in as close to in its original condition as any city in the world. It consists of a series of over 100 islands built upon centuries ago. It allows you to wander where you want without hearing the sound of any motorized vehicle. That’s right-no motorized vehicles. Think about it.

  • Southern Charm

    Experience the true southern hospitality and charm in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

  • Sunglow Ranch and Resort: Pearce, Arizona

    If you and your dog want to have an incredible southwest adventure, this is the place. The Sunglow Ranch is rated in one list as one of the ten most pet friendly lodgings in the United States.

  • The Italian Lakes

    Just like the American Great Lakes, there are several of note in Italy, and we'll visit them.But, let's take a first look at Lake Como, in English and American, but the more romantic - Lago di Como in Italian. Whilst it has been a popular tourist destination for many years, with the advent of George Clooney and his villa full of Hollywood friends, Lago di Como is a paparazzi mecca.

  • Shake Shack: London, England

    This fabulous place opened 2013 and is located in the Royal Opera House. The first location was in Madison Square in Manhattan. There is not anything that my friend Danny Meyer does in the food industry that is not brilliant including my favorite Union Square Cafe located in Union Square in Manhattan.

  • Ceramic Arts in Korea

    Since ancient times, Korea has been famous for its ceramics. In fact, while many travelers visit Japan for its pottery, they often overlook the reality that Japanese ceramics, which spread north through Japan via its southern island of Kyushu, was actually “introduced” from Korea. Honestly, “introduced” is too mild a term. When the Japanese invaded Korea during the 16th Century, they abducted the great Korean potters and forced them to work in Japan. One Korean potter taken to Japan at this time was referred as “the god of pottery.” Korea's great Ri Sam-pyeong, known in Japan as Kanegae Sampei, actually established the world famous pottery village in Arita, Japan, near Fukuoka City. Yi was originally from the Geum River Basin in Korea. As recently as 1990, a memorial was set up at the entrance to Donghaksa Buddhist Temple in Gongju, South Korea, with the inscription paid for by the people of Arita, Japan.

  • Living High on the Dog: Lord Monticello at the Jefferson Hotel, Washington, DC

    Susie has visited, heard from and covered a wide-range of pet friendly properties, restaurants and places. She has noted the places that are pet-friendly as well as the places that are pet-centric and human friendly, and she thought she had seen it all – until now.

  • Exploring New Zealand

    Lose yourself in this Kiwi Adventure and experience all of New Zealand’s many facets.

  • Brideshead: United Kingdom

    The Downton Abbey craze is the latest out-shoot of the world's romance with England's great Stately Homes. Jeremy Irons became famous because of his role as Charles Ryder, and Anthony Andrews, Julia Quick, Clare Bloom and the venerable Lord Laurence Olivier graced the screen bringing these larger than life characters into our homes and hearts.

  • Dr. David Glass’s Travel Tips for Improved Circulation

    According to AAA, 34.8 million travelers will journey at least 50 miles from home this upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend. Prolonged sitting on long flights and car rides can lead to the development of blood clots in the lower legs, which cause spider and varicose veins. Being proactive is always better than treating a problem after it has already happened.

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