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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Exploring Spain’s Costa del Sol and the Portuguese Riviera

    Passion. Culture. Paradise. It’s time to fall in love with Portugal and Spain!

  • Kyoto's Gion Matsuri

    One of the most exciting experiences in Japan is the opportunity to witness or even be a part of a local festival. I did this two summers ago in Kyoto City, Japan. Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan from 794 to 1868, and it is still known today as the cultural capital. Saved from bombings during World War II, its1600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and numerous palaces, gardens, museums, and machiya(traditional merchant houses), are well preserved and continuously being renewed and restored. Kyoto is home to three of the most famous festivals in Japan. These include: the Aoi Matsuri or Hollyhock Festival, held every May 15, the Jidai Matsuri or Festival of Ages, held every October 22, and the grand Gion Matsuri, which takes its name from the city's Gion geisha district, and runs for the entire month of July.

  • Susie and Beau Celebrate the Fourth of July less Fireworks

    Susie and Beau both want all of our followers to have a happy and safe Fourth of July with their pets. Many of the activities centered on the birthday of our nation are safe and enjoyable for both pets and their humans.

  • Marbella, Spain

    Marbella, deep into Southern Spain, the region known as Andalucía, is one of the world's greatest and most famous resorts for the super-rich and very famous.  Its renewed popularity came with the advent of two concepts spearheaded by several great and famous men.

  • Anderson Inn: Morro Bay, California

    When most of us visit California, we are likely heading to Los Angeles, San Diego or up north to San Francisco, but if you would like to experience something a bit more unique, how about Morro Bay?

  • Hugo's: Houston, Texas

    Hugo's is located right in the middle of Houston's Montrosa area. Hugo and Tracey opened Hugo's in the early 2000's. It is in a 1925 building that was designed by a well-known Houston architect. It has a very elegant feeling with fresh flowers daily and traditional stark white tablecloths. There is an accent color of bright cobalt blue.

  • Mackinac Island

    Get ready for a journey through the beautiful coastal regions and farmlands of the Midwest! The beauty of Mackinac Island and the Great Lakes region is accented by old-fashioned traditions and incredible scenery.

  • Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Mammoth Cave

    Its Memorial Day weekend and we’ve traveled a couple of notches south to vacation near Mammoth Cave National Park in Cave City, KY. The national park offers only primitive campsites (which means no electric service) so we are staying a few miles down the road at an RV resort. In this part of the country, the term “RV Resort” is loosely applied and commonly means a giant family playground with lots of places to plug in a trailer.

  • Low-Key Hideaway: Cedar Key, Florida

    If you want a great Florida get-away for you and your dog at a reasonable price, check out the Low-Key Hideaway at Cedar Key, Florida. Cedar Key is an island off the west coast of the Florida peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico. Cedar Key is 57 miles southwest of Gainesville and 143 miles north of Clearwater and Tampa.

  • The Luxury of Venice - Part Two

    Because of its breathtaking beauty and grandeur, Venice is a place that makes you decide whether to spend most of your time outdoors, taking in the unparalleled beauty of the City.  Or, you still have a passion to traipse through Museums, Art Galleries, Churches/Basilicas or other cultural/historical buildings.

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