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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Spotlight on Dublin

    Join Collette on a new tour for 2015 named Spotlight on Dublin that features a five-night stay in “The Fair City,” where travelers are able to take in all the rich history and welcoming culture that Dublin has to offer.From the elegance of its architecture to the fun-loving characters you’ll find around every corner, the possibilities are endless. Discover this city brimming with personality, with the quality, comfort and service of a Collette tour.

  • Lake George, New York

    There’s nothing better than spending some time in the Adirondack Mountains at the height of the summer season!

  • River Cruises: What’s It All About?

    I am often asked why so many people are drawn to river cruises, and for me, it’s an easy answer.  It is hands-down the best way to explore the history and culture of some of the most historic rivers in the world and the cities located along them.  River cruises offer you access to places and experiences that ocean cruises, and even some land tours, can’t.  Add the convenience of unpacking only once, the amenities of a fine hotel, top-notch excursions, and excellent food -- and you’re in for a vacation you’ll long remember.

  • Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

    Every now and then hotels reach out to us when they have special offers for our readers. I’m happy to share with you just such an offer from a wonderful property in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Located 20 minutes from the Orlando airport between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the resort offers complimentary Disney transportation.


    This hotel is honoring Grandparents with a special rate in September in recognition of Grandparent’s Day.

  • The Tourist Trap Mysteries: Lynn Cahoon - Author

    Hello, I’m Lynn Cahoon, author of The Tourist Trap Mysteries and a frequent solo traveler.  My husband, you’ll hear me call him the cowboy on my posts, doesn’t love traveling as much as I do, so he minds the fort while I wander.

  • Cancun: Two Authentic Mexican Restaurants

    Cancun is such a popular place to go on vacation. A lot of boomers spend time there time and time again. Here are two restaurants that serve really good authentic Mexican food.

  • Spotlight on New Orleans

    Join Collette on an on the brand new Spotlight on New Orleans tour! Step into a cultural melting pot in the “Jazz capital of the World.” This soulful city abounds with rich history, mouth-watering Cajun and Creole cuisine, and an incomparable soundtrack. This new tour is unique because it offers travelers the luxury to unpack just once for a single hotel stay and it blends the inclusions Collette is known for with free time to explore on your own. Immerse yourself in the culture of this fantastic city and discover how to cook New Orleans-style, take in a spirited jazz revue, and journey through Louisiana’s swamp country on a narrated cruise.

  • Susie and Beau Celebrate National Dog Day 2014

    Susie and Beau are ready to celebrate National Dog Day next Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Of course around them, every day is dog day, but they love having a day of recognition where the importance of dog adoption and placement is emphasized.

  • Neuschwanstein

    Ludwig II of Bavaria – “the Mad King of Bavaria” of drama and history. He may have been mad, but what he created with Neuschwanstein, and other palaces could only be divine madness.

  • Please Help Me Out With Crowd Control!

    Have you ever felt exhausted, and intimidated by being in a crowd?  Many people with mobility, medical or emotional challenges are very overwhelmed by being in tight, or compact places.  If you add in a walker, scooter, cane, or wheel chair the anxiety goes even higher.  People who have ADHD, early Dementia, and other “invisible” conditions are also effected.  This is sometimes part of traveling, whether it’s in an airplane, bus, or amusement park.

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