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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Barnsley Resort: Adairsville, Georgia

    If you’re a sucker for romance, the great outdoors and a laid back atmosphere, then I have just the place for you! Head south to Adairsville, Georgia and visit the Barnsley Resort. This property begins with a love story and I have to include the Timeline of this estate so you can appreciate your visit to this magnificent area.

  • Planning Winter Travel Adventures

    Southern states are popular retirement destinations for active adults, but traveling to the colder-weather states can add some adventure to the winter months. Here are our picks for must-see travels this winter.

  • Oklahoma Joe's BBQ: Kansas City, Kansas

    Now let's put on our cute boots, jeans and cowboy hat and do BBQ!!!! Barbeque is a big part of living in Kansas. The best barbeque selections are right here at West 47th Ave. It is a leader at the top in the United States.

  • Limerick, Ireland

    When you begin your research as to places you wish to venture, I strongly advise not to limit yourself to the “top ten things” from most visitor websites, but instead to find a novel indigenous of the area either fiction or non-fiction.  Goal - to gain a deeper understanding about the city and or country you wish to visit.

  • Spotlight on San Antonio Holiday

    One visit to San Antonio and it’s easy to see why this place is often referred to as the “American Venice.” Historic missions, River Walk restaurants, Spanish architecture and a beautiful river centerpiece make this a truly remarkable city.  Join Collette on this leisure-stay tour that features a four-night stay in San Antonio in the midst of the holiday festivities. The sights and sounds of the holiday celebrations are sure to immerse you in the spirit of the season.  We are certain you will agree the history, cuisine, people, music and the sights and sounds of San Antonio create wonderful holiday memories.

  • The Majesty of Tall Ships Under Sail

    Our world would be a hugely different place today but for the discovery of sailing and the subsequent role played by the development of galleons, schooners and the tall ships of the day.

  • Keep your Pet Cool While Traveling: The Cool Pet Pad

    Susie is always looking for new great pet products that are not only dog friendly, but also environmentally friendly and safe. One has just been brought to our attention – the Cool Pet Pad from the Green Pet Shop. This product also fits well with traveling and riding in the car.

  • Simple Self-Defense Skills Women Should Know When Traveling

    Personal safety experts share tips that can help protect stressed out travelers.

  • Take a Walk or Stroll Back in Time in Danville, Kentucky

    Danville Kentucky is an amazing small town in the middle of rural Kentucky.  From the outside it reminds me of Mayberry North Carolina.  It’s a place where town folks still run the small shops, and everyone seems to have a warm hello.

  • Spagos in Beverly Hills

    This newly renovated, iconic restaurant has a new look that is quite WOW! The chef, Wolfgang Puck is outrageous, fabulous and very famous. This is truly one of the ultimate places for culinary decadence. The awards here are endless and he has created an entire empire.

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