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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Collette Tours in Your Backyard

    The United States is abundantly full of grand landscapes, iconic landmarks, and local cultures. There is no need to go around to world to have a fantastic time on tour with Collette! Collette offers tons of tours right in our own backyard that are filled with rich history, beauty and charm. From the exotic beauty of Hawaii to the frontier character of Texas, a wealth of surprising cultural experiences await.

  • Jeeves Can You Bring Me Some Sparkling Water?: Benefits to Butler Services on Vacation

    So you have decided to go on a long awaited romantic vacation to an all-inclusive resort somewhere south on a gorgeous beach.  Part of an additional service is to upgrade to a Butler Room.

  • Solvit HomeAway Travel Organizer Kit: A Great Christmas Gift for your Dog(s)

    Susie has a great gift suggestion for you and your best friend – Solvit’s HomeAway Travel Organizer Kit. Whether you travel with your dog on long or short excursions, this is a great way to consolidate most of the things you need while you are away from home.

  • Deauville/Trouville, France

    In years gone by, when the trip to the South of France was long and onerous, many Parisians slipped away to country/shore homes in Normandy and Brittany. In fact, Deauville and Trouville became so chic because of the Designer Boutiques, world famous restaurants, glamorous events and people; it was known as the 21st Arondissement for Paris.  Little has changed since those days, although with the advent of air travel, trips to both the South of France and the Normandy beaches are shorter distances.

  • Farmers Markets and Farm Stands

    When I was a young girl, my mom would take me to pick fresh blackberries. We would both come home and make pies and jam. To this day, blackberries are on the top of my favorites. As I started traveling by car throughout the US, I always had an urge to stop if I saw a farm stand or farmers market come up on the roadside. Wherever my address has been, you will see me at the local farmers markets. They are all so different, so unique and special and have become a way of most of our lives.

  • Heritage of America

    With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to book Collette’s Heritage of America tour, following the epic story of American Democracy. Featuring a locally guided tour of New York City, visits to two presidential estates, tour of Williamsburg, and first-hand accounts of the Amish way of life while enjoying dinner with an Amish family, this tour is sure to appeal to all kinds of travelers. Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving and immerse yourself in American culture on tour with Collette!

  • Versailles, France: A True Vision of Luxury

    Its very name captures magic in the minds and hearts of those who have visited and experienced this incredible miracle of vision, architecture and design. And, it awakens desire in those wanting to see this global landmark for themselves.

  • Burnham Hotel: Chicago, Illinois

    Question: What is historic, pet-friendly, eco-friendly, accessible for special needs and located in downtown Chicago? Kudos to you if you said the Burnham Hotel.

  • Dateline 2014 Juneau Alaska: Part 1

    A smothering mattress - for it was far too thick to be a blanket- of enveloping fog and chill morning mist was just beginning to claw its way free from the Earth; as we few, we very few left of the once mighty band of explorers who previously swelled the opulent deck of the Norwegian Pearl peered anxiously towards the East in search of the winged chariot which would soon spirit us to the very apex of the Great White North (or at least to Mendenhall Glacier).

  • Best Fish and Chips

    I have ordered fish and chips through the years all across the country. It is a favorite for me and, I know for a lot of you! It is always a good idea to ask the particular restaurant what fish they are using. The best is sole, flounder, grouper or cod. You do not want the batter too thick, its perfect when there is a flakiness to the batter and not too greasy. The chips are the best when they are fresh cut fries. Many times you also will get a small dish of coleslaw. Last and not least is the tartar sauce, I have had yummy tartar sauce and not so yummy tartar sauce. It should be good so you can dip!

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