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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Holiday Greetings from Liz – Hotel Patrol

    Liz sends her holiday greetings from the Hotel Patrol.

  • Susie and Beau Send Christmas and New Year’s Greetings

    Susie is looking forward to the holidays with her momma, daddy and little brother Beau. There are two stockings hung with care on the fireplace mantel. Susie’s has a little Lambchop looking out of it because she loves sheep. Beau’s has a stocking that has Good Dog on one side and Bad Dog on the other. He also has a cloth bone with Nice and Naughty on either side. Beau has a stuffed Olaf from Frozen peeking out.

  • Holiday Wishes from Special Needs Vacation by V

    The holidays tend to be a bit busy.  My wish is for everyone to slow down, and enjoy the special moments a bit more.  This can mean enjoying a church service, lighting up the house, having a snowball fight, or building a ginger bread village.  Often the experiences are what create the memories more than all the materialistic things.  Also you may want to share an old tradition or create a new tradition.  In our house the holidays would not be complete without a few batches of Swedish Nuts to share. Although my youngest is now 18, she is going to join me in baking the nuts.

  • Christmas Greetings from Catherine – Luxury Patrol

    Christmas has always been the most special time of year for me. I’m a Catholic in a Protestant world, but at least Church of England members also went to church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morn -Hundreds of years of tradition, everyone walking through the Silent Night.  Stars shining brightly in the midnight sky, leading us towards Churches to worship the birth of Christ.  For me, it has always been a more religious holiday than just a commercial one, and how I wish that were still so.

  • Christmas Greetings :The Joy in Giving

    As avid travelers, one thing we have in common, is our love in learning about different cultures.  We may not understand the language, but we do communicate through our gestures, eye contact and body language.

  • Celebrate the Magic

    I love the holidays…it’s such a magical time!  The twinkling lights, egg nog, decorating the tree, shopping for gifts and celebrations with family and friends – everything seems a little more festive and those around you just a little more jolly.

  • Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp: Another Idea for Christmas for Your Dog

    Susie is still spry and able to jump into the SUV, but she was still impressed with the Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp. Especially for large dogs with hip problems, or any dog with arthritis brought on by old age, the ramp is an excellent addition for making it easier to get your best friend into the car with minimum effort. One of Susie’s cousins is an elderly boxer that has to be lifted into the back on her daddy’s SUV. The Solvit pet ramp makes it easier both on the dog and their human to take them in the vehicle.

  • Classic Christmas Markets

    There’s no better way to spend your holiday than exploring the magic of Europe in the winter. Join Collette on a glorious holiday adventure that includes Europe’s finest Christmas markets. Enjoy a guided tour of the old quarter, “Petite France,” featuring the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Mingle with locals as you sip mulled wine and explore the lively Christmas markets featuring local specialties, crafts and traditional food and drink. Find items like Nuremberg spicy gingerbread, fruit loaves, bakery goods, Christmas tree angles and toys while exploring the oldest and most famous Christmas Market in Germany. Step back in time as you stroll the streets of past old-world cottages and shops covered in colorful frescos, in the town of Oberammergau, the ideal place to shop for cuckoo clocks, nutcrackers and Hummel Figurines.

  • Dream My Destiny: A New Perspective on Morocco

    Join acclaimed actress, Linda Kozlowski, best known as the leading lady in “The Crocodile Dundee” trilogy, as she embraces her new role as co-founder of Dream My Destiny (www.dreamydestiny.com), a bespoke Moroccan tour company with her partner Moulay Hafid Baba. Her bold new travel business offers one- of-a-kind vacations perfect for those seeking a truly customized travel experience in 2015.

  • Long Cover Cottage: Tenbury Wells, Worchestershire

    A handsome border collie in the UK told Susie about another great place in the countryside of Worchestershire where both humans and canines can unwind and relax their frazzled nerves from the hectic life of modern times. Take a step back in time by spending some slow time in Long Cover Cottage in rural England.

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