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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Spring is near – and so are Seasonal Pet Allergies

    Susie and Beau are anxious to get out and about after the rigors of winter and being restricted to indoors or their own yard.  Everyone is planning to travel, whether locally or on out of town trips, as the weather improves and spring and summer rise on the horizon. Susie once again says what – “Don’t forget to pay attention to your pet’s allergies and be prepared to treat them and deal with your pet’s discomfort.”

  • Spectacular Scandinavia

    Join us on an incredible journey to a land of unparalleled beauty – Scandinavia. Explore Norway’s breathtaking fjord region. In Denmark’s bohemian capital city of Copenhagen, enjoy a leisurely cruise through historic canals. Discover why Copenhagen is dubbed the gastro capital of Scandinavia and experience the ‘New Nordic Cuisine Movement’ at a local restaurant inspired by its founder.” Embrace the tranquillity of the Swedish countryside at family-run manor house before traveling to the cosmopolitan capital of Stockholm. Toast the end of a fabulous adventure that brings together Scandinavia’s natural wonders, history and culture at Fem Små Hus, a 17th-century restaurant the captures the flavor of a bygone era.

  • It's Your Time Now

    The kids are grown and flown the coop. Career established but winding down. Parents healthy and living a good life. You have some money put by, so it’s your turn to look at the Bucket List. Hopefully you revised it through all the years of waiting?  Now you’re 60+ you have different desires, tastes and physical abilities.



    Follow these tips gleaned from being a “traveler” since the age of 4, and sometimes learning the VERY hard way.

  • Fall Colour Tour in Muskoka Ontario

    From Six Mile Lake Provincial Park 

    To Oastler Lake Provincial Park, Parry Sound

    Scenic route driving distance:  148  KM 

    I woke up early and chilled.  It got good and cold overnight, and feeling chilly is what woke me up.  I think I should have used both sleeping bags…but when I fell asleep it was not that cool.  Since I was already awake I decided to get up. It was still dark!

  • Seville, Spain: Heart of Flamenco

    As a boomer I was blessed with my father having been in the Air Force and we lived in Spain (Torrejon AFB outside Madrid) when I was in High School  What a perfect age to be exposed to other countries and cultures!

  • Tale of Two Airports

    I recently flew from Louisville Kentucky (my home) to New York City.  As an advocate for special needs individuals I looked carefully at the 2 very different airports I was traveling through.

  • Shades of Ireland

    From vibrant and history-filled Dublin, across rolling green hills to the dramatic coast, experience all of the charms of Ireland on this magical tour of the Emerald Isle. Live like royalty during an overnight stay on the grounds of a castle. Visit the new House of Waterford Crystal factory. See the Atlantic from the stunning 700-foot Cliffs of Moher. Experience the world-famous beauty of the Ring of Kerry. Have coffee and scones at a working farm. See beautiful Killarney from your seat on an Irish jaunting car. Journey to historic Blarney Castle, lean back and kiss its famous stone!

  • Solvit Tagalong™ Wicker Bicycle Basket

    Susie has discovered another great product for pets. Unfortunately she is too big to use it and even Beau who is 10 pounds lighter is too big as well. The Solvit Tagalong™ Wicker Bicycle Basket is designed for small dogs up to 13 pounds. Besides major trips we also like to take our dogs with us on local excursions and this basket makes it possible to also take them with us on a bicycle. This would also work great if traveling by car or RV and also having a bicycle or bicycles along on the main trip for side excursions and exercise.

  • Blue Reef Cottages: Isle of Harris, Scotland

    We are always on the hunt for new and interesting types of accommodations to share with you. Well, maybe new is not the correct term for this unusual property, but unique would certainly cover it. I’ll bet not many of you have stayed in a Broch, or even know what it is. That’s why we’re here - to keep you in the know!

  • I Love Lucy – Jamestown, NY

    We recently spent the day in Jamestown, NY - the hometown of Lucille Ball. Our visit happened to be on Lucy’s birthday weekend, which is also the date for the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.

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