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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • South Dakota

    Discover the spirit of the American West when you travel to South Dakota. It’s a stunning area of the United States of America, and once you visit, you’ll understand why so many people flock here.

  • Boomer Commercial Pilot Turned Entrepreneur Still Helps People Fly

    Joseph Lopinto, former pilot for Continental Airlines, talks about his "Act II" as an entrepreneur and co-founder of ExpertFlyer.com, an online service that offers comprehensive information related to air travel, seat maps, award and upgrade availability, flight availability and more, to make air travel as pleasurable as possible for the frequent flyer.

  • An Oasis In the Middle of Stockholm: Hotel Skeppsholmen

    One of the great advantages of visiting a European capital is the proximity to the cultural and culinary opportunities that surround you. One of the disadvantages is the noise and the crowds. What if I said you could have the best of both worlds in Stockholm? Well, you actually can! The Hotel Skeppsholmen is situated on an island encompassed by the sea and nature, yet a short walk into the City. It is located across the bridge from the National Museum. The building, a former Navy barracks, dates back to 1699 and offers a variety of room types. Be sure to read the descriptions for each one to see what suits you best. There are 79 rooms, a tennis court, fitness center and a restaurant. You can rent bicycles here, go fishing or just enjoy the sea and garden. Room amenities include a TV, DVD player, minibar, modern shower and more.

  • Travel Photography Tips: Part One

    Five Photography Tips from Richard and Amy Lynn, the authors, photographers, and publishers of The Sarcastic Lens:  An Ordinary Couple’s Photographic Journey through the Animal Kingdom.

  • Tips for Ranging Out Alone in Cuba

    Most probably, you will be traveling to Cuba with a group. Your trip will have been organized by professionals, and transportation and lodging will have been taken care of in advance.

    Depending on the size of the group, you will be picked up by a van or a bus belonging to one of the government run tourist companies. These vans and buses will be staffed with one or two drivers –depending on your immediate destination, whether the City, or a resort further away, that requires longer driving-- and a guide/interpreter who will accompany your group most of the time during your visit.

  • Discover Panama

    Panama. The beautiful country situated between North and South America is just waiting to be discovered, and this 9-day guided tour is the perfect way to do it!

  • A Trip to the Big Easy

    New Orleans has come back from the Hurricane Katrina, and is once again one of the popular tourist spots in the US.  The spirit, the music, drinks, partying, and of course the Mardi Gras is in full swing again.

  • Boomers and Memorial Day: Vietnam – the War of our Generation

    As baby boomers many of us came into the world as a result of our father’s return from fighting in World War II or Korea, but our own experiences with war came primarily during the Vietnam War. I was a gleam in my parents’ eyes until my dad returned from the Philippines in 1945 to arrange my arrival at the lead of the boomer generation in 1946.

  • Travel Partners With Benefits – Can The Relationship Last The Distance?

    “The value of a relationship should not be measured by the length of time the relationship lasts, but by the strength of the bond that exists every moment you are together. When you eventually say goodbye, you need to appreciate the moments you had, more than you dread the moments you won’t have.”

  • Hong Kong: One Country, Two Systems

    Most of baby boomers are familiar with the history of Hong Kong, especially with the  July 1, 1997 new ruling principle for the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. With this agreement, China allowed Hong Kong to remain autonomous, keeping their capitalist system and independent judiciary and rule of law – all separate from Mainland China's influence. Free trade and freedom of speech was to be tolerated though recently we have witness the students in the streets, objecting to the policy of China's approvals of politicians running for office in Hong Kong.

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