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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • The World’s Top 5 Medical Travel Destinations

    A growing number of savvy baby boomers recognize the opportunity to combine high quality, more affordable care with the pleasures of travel. About seven million people travel abroad each year seeking care related to everything from dental work and weight-loss surgery to cancer treatment, according to Bloomberg Business.

  • New Jersey's Holiday Wine Trail Weekend

    New Jersey may not be the biggest wine growing state in the country, nor the biggest  state at all. (It's the fifth smallest.) However, the Garden State Wine Growers Association is working hard to raise the profile and awareness of New Jersey's home grown, bottled reds and whites via public events. November 27th-29th, Fridayto Sunday, is the annual New Jersey Wine Trail Weekend. Here, wineries statewide, from Sussex to Cape May, will kick off the holidays with tastings, food pairings, entertainment, discounts, giveaways, & more!

  • Interview with Robbie Bhathal of Suiteness

    In the sharing economy, hotels may still compete on the high end with Suiteness

  • Off the Beaten Path Florida Arts Tour

    So many of my friends think of Central Florida as a cultural wasteland known for theme parks and retirees but, there IS art and culture in Central Florida, you just have to look.

  • California Highway 1 Discovery Route Part Four

    With a full stomach and an armload of cookies, I headed back on the California Highway 1 Discovery Route for the town of Harmony, population 18. It took about 15 minutes from Cayucos, with more amazing scenery along the way. So, what does one do in Harmony – why, go wine tasting at the Harmony Cellars! www.HarmonyCellars.com Michael Rice greeted me in the Tasting Room for a marvelous selection of their red, white and dessert wines. They were all flavorful and reasonably priced. You can go out on their grounds sitting high up in the hills and have a picnic as you enjoy a bottle of wine. They host dinners and special events throughout the year, so be sure and check their website before you visit. Photos from the vineyard are pictured above. If you have time before you leave, stop by Harmony Glassworks, an art gallery and studio that is worth a visit.

  • Palm Island, Florida

    My favorite travel quote comes from Jack Kerouac. It is “Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless, and don’t be sorry”. We set out on our road trip to Palm Island, Florida with this thought guiding our way. We knew our destination was a 6-minute ferry ride to our very own island for a week. We also knew we would end up in the heart of the great shelling on the Southwestern coast of Florida.

  • The Gardens at Giverny

    Do you remember the first time you fell in love?  You fell in love with a person, a place, a thing, a piece of music, a book, a play, a piece of art, an artist?

  • Would you sell your home to live the life of a modern day nomad?

    Many people dream of downsizing and taking to the road in retirement, but having the guts to do it is quite another matter.  Meet Paul Kortman, founder of nomadtogether.com, a community of location independent families. He and his wife and four children are "homeless" and loving every minute of it.  Hear his story and how boomers can take a page from his book and live a simplified yet rich and fulfilling life through perpetual travel and cultural experiences.

  • California Highway 1 Discovery Route And Morro Bay - Part Three

    Well, guess what – it was time to eat again! All that fresh sea air makes one hungry! So I walked over to the Blue Skye Café where I was able to sit outside and my server Jesse took great care of me. The breakfast was delicious (pictured above) and an added bonus was running into Pat and Don, two locals who come here every morning to enjoy the view, friends and great food. I was lucky enough to sit with them the 2 days I was there and they just proved once again what a delightful and friendly city this truly is. AJ is the manager so be sure to say hello to him as well – he moved here from LA and just loves it.

  • African Ancestors! Amazing New Discovery!

    Africa has long been known as the site of from which modern man first radiated out to populate the world. Much attention has been directed to the eastern African Great Rift Valley as the origin of humans, great apes, and chimps (hominids) but several candidates as the actual ancestor of humans (hominins) are likely evolutionary dead ends.  The attention has shifted within the last decade to new important fossil discoveries in South Africa that may fill in some of the gaps in the family tree…..which looks more and more like a bush.

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