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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Cherry Blossom Festivals in the US East Coast

    The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC kicks off on Saturday, March 26 with world renowned performers in the historic Warner Theater and a free Family Day at the National Building Museum. The celebration continues through April with: A Blossom Kite Festival at the Washington Monument on April 2, the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks on April 9, the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade at Constitution Avenue between 9th and 15th streets, the Japanese Street Festival at M Street and New Jersey Avenue, SE (Capitol Riverfront), and “Cherry Blast Spotlight events,” including anime, cosplay, and gaming at the Carnegie Library at Mt. Vernon Square on April 16.

  • Tips for Avoiding Nasty Germs on the Go

    According to the Census Bureau, there are an estimated that 77 million baby boomers in the United States. Baby boomers join the workforce population of commuters, spending 42 hours per week in their cars. Along that path they often stop to grab a coffee here or a latte there, fill up the gas tank, and grab some breakfast at the local donut shop. Being so busy can put people on a germ-filled path, especially as they make their way to and from their destinations. The good news is that there are things baby boomers can do help avoid those nasty germs and keep healthy.

  • Two for the Price of One: Charleston/Daniel Island South Carolina

    A wonderful place to visit any time of year is Charleston, South Carolina. History, architecture, great food, water elements and charm all come to mind when describing this area. Recently, I was made aware of a 4,000 acre island within the Charleston area that was formerly owned by the Guggenheim Foundation. The first residential property did not make an appearance here until 1996. Since then it has become a planned community with 8 parks, 25 miles of trails, 23 miles of rivers, golf courses, tennis clubs, shops and restaurants. Bingo, now you get two great areas for the price of one!

  • Why 2016 is THE Year to Visit the National Parks

    Ford Cochran, director of National Geographic Expeditions, joins Boomer Travel Patrol host, +Lisa Kaslyn to chat about the awe-inspiring wonders of the U.S. National Parks and how the Park System's 100th anniversary makes this year especially great to plan a visit.

  • Carefree Cruising: 6 Tips for a Healthy Cruise Ship Experience

    Six tips from Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, founder of MDHearingAid, on how to have a healthy cruise experience.

  • The Humble Hideaway: Monmouth, Wales

    Susie has found another really unique and out of the way place to stay in Wales. Her daddy has fond memories of his time in Wales – especially loving the road signs with the large print in Welsh Gaelic and the small print in English. Wales is truly a magical place and staying in a venue in the Welsh woods with your dogs would be a great treat and relaxing experience.

  • Japan’s Ukiyo-e (Woodblock Print Art)

    Japanese Ukiyo-e, which translates to “pictures of the floating world,” is a genre of art that flourished in Japan from the 17th through 19th centuries. Thanks especially to the advancement of woodblock printing, Japanese artists such as: Toyokuni Utagawa 1769-1825 and his disciples Kunisada Utagawa and Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Kitagawa Utamaro 1750-1806, Ando Hiroshige 1797-1858, and Hokusai Katsushika 1760-1849, became famous both in Japan and abroad. They heavily influenced the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists of France and America, with their expressive curves, bold use of colors, and liberal designs.  Ukiyo-e subjects included: female beauties, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, historic scenes, folk tales, travel scenes and landscapes, flora and fauna, and erotic.

  • Hop On, Hop Off Bus in New York City Is A Blast!

    Have you ever visited a new city, and not been sure what you want to see? It can be very overwhelming. On a recent trip to New York City my daughter and I decided to take the hop on hop off bus. Keep in mind that I have sight limitations, and my daughter (who is 19) is very ADHD. This was her first time in the Big Apple, so we choose to take the night time tour.

  • The Titanic Experience: Travel to the Ocean Depths

    Come with me as we begin our search as to what happened that fateful day 15 April 1912 - so many years ago when this state of the art masterpiece, the Titanic with all the skills of midshipmen of the day – landed at the bottom of the ocean with many still on-board – never thinking that such a mishap could ever exist with such planning and expertise!

  • A Boomer Spring Break: Jekyll Island Club Hotel - Georgia

    Ahh – spring is in the air, the stores have the bathing suits on display – it must be time for Spring Break! Back in the day, we all headed south to Ft. Lauderdale. Now, it seems Mexico is the place to be on either coast. Well, that is all well and good, we had our time to party, but we still want to experience Spring Break, just perhaps not in the same way we did in our twenties. Winter has had its way with us, so we long for some sun and fun, but don’t necessarily want to be where the “kids” are. Well, I have just the spot for you!

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