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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • Travel Like a Pro

    If anyone knows how to pack for a trip that begins as business and segues into leisure, it is a member of a flight crew. Travelpro – a company founded by an airline pilot – knows this and has designed many bags that are stylish yet sturdy, and perfect for professionals presiding over a board meeting or presenting at a conference and then downshifting to a weekend of leisurely pursuits.

  • Travel Experience Like No Other: New River Gorge, W Virginia

    Riding on the platform of a vintage private railroad car is like no other travel experience. As Eleanor Robson Belmont said, “A private railcar is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately.

  • The Scoop on Gelato - Part 2

    “It’s so sublime, it’s a wonder it’s not illegal.”



    Why it’s NOT ice cream & what you want to look for…

    Since it’s made with milk and not cream, there is less butterfat (4-8% vs/ 14% for ice cream) which is why it’s so creamy-melt-in-your-mouth deliziòso!

    Although it is prohibited by E.U. regulations to increase the volume with added water or “fluffing with air” (aka “overrun), you will see fluffy mounds of brightly colored gelato often topped with an identifying fruit or ingredient (ex; strawberries on strawberry gelato, etc.).

    Warning: Gelato that is too fluffy and/or too colorful may have eye appeal but it’s not your best choice.

  • Dead Sea Comes to NYC

    Israeli Artist Yosef “Jojo” Ohayon has opened his first gallery in the United States, at 456 W. Broadway in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. This gallery is Jojo’s second location, in addition to the Jojo Gallery, which has been welcoming art enthusiasts for ten years in Tel Aviv.

  • Oprah Cruise to Alaska - Part 1

    In spite of the glaciers and icefields, the deliciously crisp 52-degree air in the midst of July and the super chill atmosphere aboard Holland America’s ms Eurodam, the O, The Oprah Magazine Adventure of Your Life July launch cruise to Alaska – with a special two-day appearance by the Divine Miss O herself – was the warmest (and fuzziest) cruise ever.

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