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Caribbean Freestyle Cruising At Its Best

If you’re one of those folks who like to set your own schedule for the day, prefer casual over formal, and want to choose when and where you dine – then Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has just the thing for you.  They call it Freestyle Cruising and it’s one of the most flexible ways to cruise today!

One thought on “Caribbean Freestyle Cruising At Its Best”

  • Bonnie G

    Malloy, this April will be my first transAtlantic cruise and my first time on the Epic, I am stoked. I have a solo room and did not know NCL had them and found out at the AARP convention about solo rooms. Are you aware of any other cruise lines that offer solo rooms?? I think we solo cruisers (as opposed to SINGLES who are cruising to CRUISE, this is NOT for me!) are discriminated against if we wish to travel alone or have
    our own room in a group travel situation. Any other tips for solo cruisers?? Thank you , thank you.

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