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  • Spectacular Scandinavia

    Join us on an incredible journey to a land of unparalleled beauty – Scandinavia. Explore Norway’s breathtaking fjord region. In Denmark’s bohemian capital city of Copenhagen, enjoy a leisurely cruise through historic canals. Discover why Copenhagen is dubbed the gastro capital of Scandinavia and experience the ‘New Nordic Cuisine Movement’ at a local restaurant inspired by its founder.” Embrace the tranquillity of the Swedish countryside at family-run manor house before traveling to the cosmopolitan capital of Stockholm. Toast the end of a fabulous adventure that brings together Scandinavia’s natural wonders, history and culture at Fem Små Hus, a 17th-century restaurant the captures the flavor of a bygone era.

  • Cruising the Best of Scandinavia

    Discover the striking landscapes and coastal wonders of Scandinavia as you travel through Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

  • Norway

    Place your experiences, tips, and comments about travel in Norway here.

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