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Travel Product Reviews

  • Travel Like a Pro

    If anyone knows how to pack for a trip that begins as business and segues into leisure, it is a member of a flight crew. Travelpro – a company founded by an airline pilot – knows this and has designed many bags that are stylish yet sturdy, and perfect for professionals presiding over a board meeting or presenting at a conference and then downshifting to a weekend of leisurely pursuits.

  • Sweet Dreams/Great Sleepwear for the Road

    You scaled the mountain, kayaked the rapids, museum-hopped your way around town – whatever the adventure, you’ve earned your jammy time. So slip into something so comfortable, so artfully constructed that you’ll be tempted to not only lounge in it but to entertain, tour and sightsee in it as well. Pack a pair or two of this oh-so soft and stylish sleepwear on your next trip.

  • Offbeat Travel Products

    Next time you’re packing for your journey of a thousand steps, include a few items that are intended to increase the fun factor of an already pleasurable undertaking.

  • Travel Accessories From the Travel Goods Show

    There were so many fabulous new travel goods items introduced at the 2017 International Travel Goods Show (held in early April in Las Vegas) that I wanted to share more. Here are several sure to bring comfort and joy (and a smile and a sigh) to travelers worldwide.

  • Sleep Better While You Travel: airweave

    I have a question for you. What do sleep, the Ritz Paris and Olympic athletes have in common? Give up? Well, I found out and I really, really like it! It's the airweave Mattress, airweave Top Mattress and airweave Portable.

  • New Travel Items from the 2017 International Travel Goods Show

    The 2017 International Travel Goods Show – the world’s largest trade show for travel products – took over the Las Vegas Convention Center in early April with heaps of luggage, piles of backpacks and briefcases and every type of travel accessory imaginable to make life on the road more organized and comfortable for travelers.

  • Go Pure: Pure Drinking Water on the Go

    Here's a statistic that probably won't surprise you: 80% of travel related illnesses are caused by drinking contaminated water. We are told regularly that we need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, so what do we do when we visit foreign countries? That's always been a dilemma until now. Enter the Go Pure Pod, a tiny filter that comes with its own carrying case. The filter itself is only about 2 inches in length, so it will fit in your purse or carry on.  Just drop the pod into a portable water bottle, container, pitcher, glass or coffee maker and it purifies your water immediately.

  • Travel Accessories with RFID Protection

    Keeping your private info private is the job of RFID cards and blockers. RFID – radio-frequency identification – uses electromagnetic fields to automatically scan data from credit cards, ID cards and passports without the targets even knowing. Here are several new travel goods items with RFID protection integrated into their design – in fun spring colors, too.

  • Compression Socks with Flair and Function

    I don't know about you but the older I get and have to go on long haul flights, I begin to wonder about health and deep vein thrombosis from sitting so many hours and being dehydrated from the dry air. I looked at compression socks and they were not very flattering.

  • Travel Goods Made in the USA

    For travelers for whom the “Made in America” designation is important – whether that means made or assembled in America from parts completely or mostly sourced in this country – here are four items that proudly declare their products’ origins.

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