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  • Sports Patrol



    Join Mark, a former Cricket player, avid golfer and all-around sports enthusiast as he explores the best places to play! A sports and travel writer based in England, Mark has had the opportunity to play some amazing courses around the world. He will share his experiences and stories as well as his handicaps. We also want to hear from you in all areas from tennis to skiing to golf. Fore!

  • RV Patrol



    Join Richie as she takes you on her Road Warrior journeys from coast to coast. With her sense of adventure and husband and dog by her side, Richie will share the sights, sounds and adventures of being in her RV. The best part is the people you meet along the way. We want to hear from all nature lovers, so be sure and share your treks from the roads, parks and campgrounds. Happy Trails!

  • Pet Patrol


    Join Susie, an Australian Shepherd, as she and her human take you where pets are always welcome. Susie loves to be outside and always with her owner and she knows you want your pets to accompany you on your travels. There are many hotels and vacation spots that cater to your furry friends and Susie wants you to know about them. We also want you to tell us about your most pet-friendly vacations. Too Cute!

  • Off the Beaten Path


    Join Mike as he finds the places that make you say - "What? I had no idea this existed!" A retired school principal, Mike travels with his lovely wife Carolynn and they find locations as unique as they are. Having many passions, they explore the sites that aren't in the guide books. We know you know some secrets as well, so be sure and share them with us. Check It Out!

  • Luxury Patrol



    Join Catherine as she unveils the secrets of the opulent and extravagant locales worldwide. As a publicist to the rich and famous, Catherine has enjoyed the pleasures of luxurious vacations and will be sharing her information with you. She will take you places that will make you feel regal. We also want to hear from you, so tell us about your luxe adventures. Cheers!

  • Hotel Patrol


    Join Liz as she discovers great hotels in every budget. From a 1960's vibe to a Yurt in Turkey, she will find lodging in every category. As a former travel agent, Liz has been in some interesting locales and will share her insights. We also want to hear about your hotel discoveries, so let us know what's out there. Sleep tight!

  • Globetrotter Patrol


    Follow Penny, a farmer from Australia as she roams the roads less traveled with photography in mind. Enjoy the ride!

  • Food Patrol


    Join Blondee, the original cyber chef, as she takes you on a gastronomic journey from coast to coast and around the world. She will share her insights on some of the best and most unusual and delightful places to eat. She wants to hear from you as well, so be sure and share your best meals on the planet. Bon Appetit!

  • Air Patrol


    Join Diane as she journeys around the globe from the vantage point of an international flight attendant. She will be offering you tips and tricks from inside the cabin as well as out in the field. Follow her around the world and participate by sending us your recommendations and suggestions. Happy Travels!

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