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Meet Richie - RV Patrol

RV Patrol


Richie is a true Road Warrior, having logged thousands of trips over the course of a long business career. And for a weary decade, she was dedicated backpack camper, replete with tent, hubby and dog in tow.


But then something changed. Maybe it was Boomer age catching up to her, maybe it was the weather getting more unpredictable. But she saw the light, literally a glow, of the usefulness of electricity and permanent walls. The RV world was calling, and its song was irresistible. No more sleeping with rocks and roots jammed into her back. She could stand up indoors to get dressed in the morning. And a private toilet! With a shower! And hey, looky here, RV’s have air conditioners and furnaces. Whoa!


Richie’s first motor home, a sweet little Class B, got her started. She made 22 camping trips that first year, and knew it was a going to be a permanent lifestyle.


She’s upgrade to a larger RV now, and has been embarking on longer expeditions. Her old tent is neatly wrapped up in the basement, and she doesn’t miss it a bit!